Program of Short Animated Films

Short animated films

2002 / 10'

Woman is a visual poem about the creation of a woman and her two ways of encountering a man. In one way she has the potential to bring death to a man. In the other she can give him her love. It all depends on the man's actions.

A woman by herself is neither good nor evil. Neither is she a passive object of man's desires. It is all about interaction.

Woman comes from my own personal mythology, but I believe that the images I use are quite universal. I wanted Woman to have a dreamlike quality. The images come from my own dreams as well as from the dreams of all women I know.

2009 / 12'

Amina, a young woman (17), is pregnant and afraid to give birth. For consolation and advice she goes to older women, but their stories scare her even more.

2007 / 17'

A veterinarian routinely goes on house calls to treat sick animals. He is able to save most, but one time he arrives too late. The animal dies, and that breaks the veterinarian's heart. One night the animals that he has treated come to him in a dream. He receives love and forgiveness. When the veterinarian wakes up, his heart has healed.

Teat Beat of Sex (episodes Kirby, Juice, Trouble)
2007 / 4' 7’’

Kirby: the matter of size.
Juice: women do need panties.
Trouble: masturbation keeps you safe.

2001 / 10'

Conceived and rendered with partner Josh Rechnitz, a story about a neglected housewife who falls in love with a vacuum cleaner.

Films with dialogues have Slovenian supertitles.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: International Animated Film Festival Animateka, Kinodvor.

Tickets: 3,8 €, 7,5 € (double bill Rocks in My Pockets and Shorts).


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Oct 14th 23:00
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