Women – Art – Politics

Round table

An overview of the more than twenty-year history of the City of Women Festival illustrates several characteristics of the place and time of its activity while simultaneously the festival itself has definitely had an impact on the social perception of gender and the position of women in creative practices. The aim of the discussion panel is to contextualise the process within a broader context of transition and the emergence of “neo-traditionalism” on one hand and thematise the modes of production, relations and creative practices in the current social reality.

The first aspect refers to the take on feminism, the reclamation of public space and the views on women's issues, what social positions they should occupy and their positioning in the fields of creative practices. In this respect, the festival has had ups and downs both with regard to its programme as well as the possibility to invite those female artists who would identify themselves as feminist. The second aspect touches upon politicality in creative practices, including the politicisation of the organisers which can in part also be attributed to the festival's budget. The latter has increasingly determined the festival's production, the working conditions of the festival staff and the festival's positioning outside the mainstream. A historical overview shows that from the initial dealing with gender-related topics, the artists shifted the focus to their social situation, inequality and the impact of the ever growing market orientation on their art practices. The panel will discuss both aspects with women who have first-hand experience in this field either as activists, theorists or artists. (Nina Kozinc, Vesna Leskošek)

Before the panel, there will be a short presentation of the Journal for the Critique of Science entitled City of Women.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Journal for the Critique of Science, ZRC Atrium.

Free entrance. 

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 14:00 - 15:30
Place of event: 
ZRC Atrium