Body Dialectic


Body Dialectic is a transfeminist talk about a body becoming. It is an exploration of gender differentiation based on a male/female binary from the perspective of one who does not fit. When a body is at odds with what is acceptably male or female, every social system is challenged.

The rise in visibility of transgender narratives in the popular media has spawned an international call to action for rights and protections. However, the radical potential of transgender narratives to disrupt the very core of many social justice infractions— namely that of the male/female gender binary, remains largely unexplored. Body Dialectic uses one person’s transgender experiences as a lens to reveal binary gender as an insidious cultural condition in need of reformation. (Kris Grey)

Concept and performance: Kris Grey; Dramaturg: Clarinda MacLow; Video and Technical Advisor Maya Ciarrocchi.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Glej Theatre.

Body Dialectic