Body of the Voice


Body of the Voice continues the exploration of the space between voice, move, gesture and body. This solo performance is simultaneously the continuation of the project - i.e., the audiovisual installation – Faces of Voices/Noise, produced in March 2015 by MoTA. The recordings which serve as the sound material of the installation will be re-composed by Matej Bonin, Tomaž Grom and Alessandro Bosetti into new soundscapes that will be a partner in a dialogue with a body, gesture and move.

Everything that is retained dances in the body. That’s what’s said to spin the body around.

“exhalation. snap. yawning. twitch. gurgle. snorting. winking. hesitation. inhalation. jabbering. thrust. stretching. tight. twitch here. to slump. breathing out. to hiccup. getting stuck. be held in-between. to whistle. to go on toes. lisping. lingering. a cramp and screaming. a little. to hold onto. oneself. a touch of the floor. to slutter. not-yourself. under the feet. a hollow of the mouth. devouring your own body. give stomach a rest. turning a blind eye on yourself. to hold your head and comfort a hand. jump over a finger, let yourself flip over and stay lying in an echo. and then three times: listen to yourself in the not-yet-existing, later prick up your ears in the unspoken,  and see yourself in the not-yet-expressed. waffling. moving a lot. forth and back. into something else. give up your expectation, let go. not taking yourself seriously. failing to find yourself again and again. in balance. start to self-reflect, dissect yourself in a whisper.” (Irena Tomažin)

Concept and performance: Irena Tomažin; Musical works: Matej Bonin, Alessandro Bosetti, Tomaž Grom; Sound recording: Jure Vlahovič; Sound material: produkcija MoTa; Lighting and set design, technical director: Igor Remeta; Sound: Tomaž Grom; Production: Zavod Sploh; Co-production Zavod EN-KNAP, City of Women; Partners: Zavod Maska, MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art.