The choir Praksa


The choir Praksa was founded in March 2014. The events in the city, such as the workers' strike and layoffs in the Glas Istre newspaper, the strike and the bankruptcy of the company Arena Trikotaža and the intention of the city's authorities to privatise the peninsula Muzil prompted them to join together and decide what to do to make their voice heard. Their frustration comes from wealthy people getting wealthier at the expense of a large majority of the population which has long impoverished society and led to an attenuated existential crisis. They express their intimate frustration through a rebellion by going to the streets and singing songs about social differences, class solidarity and overcoming national barriers.

Performers: Edna Jurcan, Darling Pantelić-Strenja, Tanja Tomić, Ana Orsag, Sedina Cerovac, Omar Ivančić.

Organisation: Komikaze, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, City of Women.

Choir Praksa