Finucane & Smith: The Art of Provocation


Moira Finucane, internationally acclaimed Queen Provocateur, equal part rock-goddess, poetess, dark angel and party-animal, Australia’s “national treasure”, invites/lures workshop participants to plunge into The Art of Provocation, working with Moira and haunting singer/songwriter Clare St Clare to create your own Intimate Spectacles, each a few minutes long. Together we will create a Franken-Variety; made up of the body parts of old-style entertainment genres, hijacked, stitched together and electrified into something new.

Moira says: “What I am interested in, in my work, is Provocation – in a nutshell my practice is creating salons, intimate theatrical spectacles and provocative variety; hijacking myriad artforms, engaging unique and extraordinary artists and pecking the eyes out of old style entertainment genres to create indelible visions of liberation, humanity, power and desire.

I am interested in the melding of provocation and entertainment, in taking the essence of an image or idea, in exploring the complexity and redemptive potential of humanity, in cherishing and challenging my audiences – I believe it’s a very powerful cocktail.”

Participants are asked to bring in their own ‘provocation’: a piece of music, an idea, a song, beads, shoes - in fact anything that excites you, inspires, moves, or is a powerful force in your imagination or dreams – it might be a poem, a prop, a costume, a dance, a drag, a character, a monologue, a muse. Any artform is embraced and celebrated. What have you got to lose! (Moira Finucane)

Coordination and executive production: Sabina Potočki.

Organised by Emanat, City of Women; In collaboration with: Klub Gromka – AKC Metelkova.

The workshop is designed for actors, dancers and performers with some professional stage experience. Application criterion is the intention to attend all five days of the workshop. Readiness to participate in the public performance is desirable but not obligatory.