Photo: Rok Avbar

Dear all,

The 22nd International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women has finished with the opening of Mural by Women, Mitochondrial Wall, which will remind us for a long time of this year's festival programme. We were not just spectators, but also active participants in 39 performances, installations, film screenings, talks and gatherings. We hosted forty-seven artists, theoreticians and activists from fifteen countries.

Thank you to all the artists, theoreticians and activists for an amazing experience, all the partners for your collaboration, the festival team for professionalism and dedication, thanks to the volunteers for all the help and support, to the reporters for more visibility of the programme and a big thank you to all our faithful visitors and followers.

Without all of you, the festival wouldn't be possible.

Our sincerest thanks and see you next year!

City of Women Team


By clicking the photos you will land on different reflections about specific events in Slovenien language.

Pokaži in povej Kalipso

Digitalni KupleRajSrečanje s Chantal Akerman

Poklon Emily Dickinson Confine Aperto v okviru Mesta žensk

Torek ob petih Morda na videz kdaj kot vsi ljudje

Rekviem za prihodnost

 Ženski mural, Mitohondrijski zid