The Room


Belgium/USA / 1972-2012

“All you have is time. In my films you are aware of every second passing by. Through your body. You are facing yourself … You’re face to face with the Other. It’s from this crucial face-to-face that your sense of responsibility begins … That’s my idea of ethics. It’s why I want equality, always, between the image and the spectator. Or the passage from one unconscious toward the other.”
- Chantal Akerman

This installation is a mysterious self-portrait of the filmmaker at her favourite spot as well as a sort of cinematic still-life, repetitively describing elements in a space.

Opening conversation with Claire Atherton, Tina Poglajen in Regina Guimarães.

Editing and spatializiation: Claire Atherton
Five monitors video installation (16 mm film transferred to digital)
Courtesy of the Chantal Akerman Estate and Marian Goodman Gallery
Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0468)

Organisation: City of Women and MG+MSUM, in collaboration with M HKA. Conversation in collaboration with Ekran magazine.

The Room