Strawberry Fields Forever


Serbia / 2015 / 30'

What are the values we aspire to in Europe today? What is it that brings these twenty- eight different countries, numerous languages, religions and spaces of cultural heritage together? European history was written and rewritten in wars, struggles and the suffering of its peoples - lessons we had to learn to arrive at where we are today. And, for sure, we could think of these conflicting differences as the main obstacle in creating something we could call European identity. But what our rich and inspiring, even if sometimes turbulent, history also offers is another intrepretation. 

A short piece about the other side of European cultural identity.

In English.

Supported by Goethe Institut Warsaw, in cooperation with the Centre for Culture Lublin, Obcanske sdruzeni Motus in Prague and the State School of Dance in Athens with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Organisation: City of Women. In collaboration with Bunker / Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana.