“To Unlock the Valves of Feeling” - Francis Bacon


Doherty: Poem for Hope Hunt

For the histories of shock
I am flesh I am flesh
Sunlight dots on youthful meat Bouncing High. Armadaus. Audio. Jaguar. Seat.
A moist beautiful beat Thumps hard
 Testosterone and Cortisol Fuel the grinning mouth
Wear girls do fall Night air does shout 
A man’s spine your spine Splashes pools of memory
Keep her lit its fine its fine
Inside the battled enemy
Pink flesh dance on
A smoker’s chest
A boyish spunky energy
For heart
with heart
My Son Go on Tell me

The class starts with a yoga-style warm up, using the body and the lungs to relax and open the mind. We will move into a led improvisation, working with images from Oona Doherty’s Hope Hunt, developing small individual phrases. We will be working with images of Concrete, white Peacocks, magma, Manuka honey, drugs, Jaxson  Pollock, Francis Bacon, Carravagio, mistakes of the father and glory white, Ascension into Lazarus.

The second day we will develop script, speech and character. We will explore Doherty’s stutter technique. We will be working towards a group canon chorus.

This workshop takes its inspiration from the works Hope Hunt and Ascension into Lazarus, which work with European stereotypes of youth, masculinity, poverty, escapism, bravery and vulnerability. We will attempt to reach out to our own known places in our bodies, to become more engaged with our nervous systems.

-fade to white-


Award-winning choreographer and dancer Oona Doherty has rich mentoring experience.


Because the number of the participants is limited, you need to register in advance at production@cityofwomen.org by October 1st. You will be notified whether you will be able to participate by October 3rd.


  • Saturday, October 7th, 10am - 11.30am
  • Sunday, October 8th, 10am - 11.30am

// in English //

Workshop fee 20 (10 a day).

In the frame of the project Performing Gender - Dance makes differences.

Organization: City of Women. In cooperation with Emanat and Bunker.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 10:00 - Oct 08th 11:30
Place of event: 
Old Power Station