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On Abortion

Spain / 2016

Today, safe and efficient means of abortion exist, yet 47,000 women die due to botched abortions every year. Millions of women across countries and religions all over the world are blocked against their will from abortion technologies by law and social coercion and are forced to carry pregnancies to term. Many are minors and rape victims, where their pregnancy is not viable or their health is at risk.

On Abortion documents and conceptualizes the dangers and damages caused by women’s lack of legal, safe and free access to abortion and highlights the long, continuous erosion of women’s reproductive rights to present-day. As she weaves her net of questions around ethics and morality, Abril also creates a series of visual and textual manifestations of the social triggers, stigmas and taboos around abortion that have remained invisible until now.

On Abortion is the first chapter of the artist’s long-term project A History of Misogyny, a visual research undertaken through historical and contemporary comparisons. On Abortion was presented for the first time at Les Rencontres d’Arles in July 2016 and was awarded with Prix Madame Figaro-Arles.

The exhibition in Ljubljana shows a fragment of the entire work, focusing on two thematically intertwined parts, namely: The History of Contraception, and Illegal Stories/ DIY Methods.


Multi-sensory guided tour, adapted also for the blind and visually challenged public:

  • Monday, 16. 10, at 6.30 pm; 
  • Thursday, 19. 10., at 5 pm; 
  • Monday, 23. 10., at 6.30 pm; 
  • Tuesday, 24. 10., at 5 pm. 

Due to limitation of participants, register beforehand:

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Free entry.

Organization: City of Women. In cooperation with Kresija Gallery.
Guided tours by Creative Office, SOdelujem.


Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th 19:00 - Nov 02nd 19:00
Place of event: 
Kresija Gallery
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