Photo: Nada Žgank

Ideal (M)other

Slovenia / 2017 / 45'
Sound play on the maternity myth / premiere

My womb is a holy machine,
crucial for society and state.
My breasts are the fountain of life,
they feed her and him,
despite mastitis.
I’m a container of the highest quality class,
the best, all-natural, the only one,
the cleanest flower of paradise,
wonderful dawn, the miracle of reproduction, the guarantee of the well-being of nations.

Come. Fill me up gently.
Step with me.
Melt together with the mother.



An interdisciplinary research about changing/changeless views on motherhood.

Pia Brezavšček gave vaginal breech birth to her child. She believes this is her biggest achievement. Her cervix is prolapsed, but it was worth it. She is an almost ideal mother.

Barbara Krajnc Avdić gave birth to her first child by Caesarean Section. At that time, she believed she was almost an ideal mother. Then she gave birth to her second child. By Caesarean Section.

Saška Rakef was hospitalised with her baby at the neonatal department. She lost milk, but after almost a year, she is still breastfeeding. She believes that she’s almost at being an ideal mother.


// in Slovene with English subtitles //

Tickets: €7 / €5

Sound design: Damir Avdić
Text, dramaturgy: Pia Brezavšček
Text, acting: Barbara Krajnc Avdić
Choreography: Sinja Ožbolt
Light design: Andrej Reza Petrovčič
Space design and costumes: Irena Pivka
Professional associate: Mila Popović
Text, director: Saška Rakef
Professional associate: Nada Sekulić
Language editing: Tatjana Stanič
Sound design, sound dramaturgy and improvisation advice: Bojana Šaljić Podešva
Author of the photo: Nada Žgank
Thanks to: Urban Belina. 

Production: ŠKUC Theatre. Co-production: City of Women. In cooperation with Bunker.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 14th 20:00
Place of event: 
Old Power Station
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