Slovenia / 2015

Scotopoieses (meaning: made with darkness) is the first in the series of works Facing the Plant Other, in which the artist explores the possibility of intercognition between human and plants. Intercognition is based on innate biosemiotic capabilities of both partners, that is, on physically chemical signs that enable a meaningful interaction between those extremely different beings. The artist is attempting to establish new and unusual conditions in which plants would resist their degradation to raw material, while the human would be ambivalently put in a similar role. By focusing on plant being, the artist is rethinking subjectivity, ethics and our relationship to the decomposing individual.

Scotopoiesis establishes the intercognitive plant-human. During a 20-hour-long action, the artist and sprouting cress are lit with a projector. Biosemiosis takes place by means of the veiling of the light; the shadow of the artist on plants causes etiolation (the extending of stems and yellowing of leaves), whereas the artist’s spine is collapsing due to sitting in place for an extended duration. Physical changes of partners in the artifice are the proof of effort of interspecies meeting. The author is addressing key differences between plant and animal principles, originating from the premise that the ‘human-individual’ should allow herself to be plant-like in order to embody a post-anthropocentric paradigm.

Project is part of the exhibition Liminal agents.

Co-production; City of Women and ŠKUC Gallery. In cooperation with Kapelica Gallery and international project 'Trust Me, I'm an Artist'.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 12th 19:00 - Nov 10th 19:00
Place of event: 
ŠKUC Gallery