The future will either be feminist or not at all. 

Take courage,

City of Women Team


Feminism “is a movement,” the dictionary has got that right. But it is much more than just “a movement of women to be equal with men,” which is what follows. Feminism is a movement, feminism is a fight, feminism is a “slaughter” that must confront violent repression on almost every step, and deal with cruel dismissals through the entire long history of science, art and philosophy. At the heart of the movement “for the promotion of women in art” is therefore the autobiography which is more than an inventory and not mere whining about the cruel fate. In its centre is sexuality, which must keep the heritage of Enlightenment and revolution, but not without a Sadean libertinism and Freudian “sexual enlightenment.” In its centre is a heterotopia searching for different spaces and within them for different artistic practices in which we will be able to nest more comfortably and more fittingly than in the “home,” the household and motherhood.

Angel in the house? No more!

Dr. Eva D. Bahovec,
Honorary President of the City of Women Association