24th International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women is dedicated to all without fear, to all fighters for freedom, forgotten and acclaimed, and to all courageous, well-known and yet to be known.

From 21st September and 30th October 2018 will boisterous, defiant, militant, loud, dirty and famous authors from all around the world inspire with stories, images, verses, rythms and bodies united at City of Women, Ljubljana. Highlight of international happening will be held from 4th to 8th October 2018.

Repressions, intimidations, encroachments on human rights, racist, trans and homophobic statements of patriarchy – in 2018 we still have to deal with all of this on this small exhausted planet Earth. Nothing is going to stop us. The future will either be feminist or not at all!

Join us at the renowned festival of City of Women and meet us at various locations in Ljubljana: Old Power Station, Španski borci - Culture Centre, New Post Office - Mladinsko Theatre, Škuc Gallery, Atrium ZRC, Club Gromka - ACC Metelkova City, Slovenian Theatre Institute, Pritličje, Kinodvor.


Contact for Media and Accreditation:

Sara Horžen
PR and Promotion
T: +386 41 590 872