For several years, the City of Women has been busy with the question of how to archive the rich festival history and retain its content even after live events are over. At the same time, it wishes to intervene in the main narrating currents of Slovenian art and societal system with its archive, which is sort of being created on the fringes yet is not shy to show its engagement as a principle of its action. This year, special attention is given to the porosity between the archive and the wider space where an exposition of archive material wishes to shed light on the establishment of the performative scene and practices that were presented in the festival history. The first in line of events aimed at revitalising the archive will seek the lines of flight and the genealogies of different directions and phenomena, as well as notate individual art practices with an emphasis on the chosen performative artists who have collaborated with the City of Women and will be presented to the foreign professional public.

Presented works:


Concept: Teja Reba.
Curators: Lenka Đorojević, Alja Lobnik.
Professional associates: Rok Vevar, Ida Hiršenfelder.

Production: City of Women. Co-production: Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana and Old Power Station.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 05th - Oct 08th