Video still / "Have You Ever Killed a Bear or Becoming Jamila"



Marwa Arsanios is an artist, filmmaker and researcher who reconsiders politics of the mid-twentieth century from a contemporary perspective, with a particular focus on gender relations, urbanism and industrialisation. She approaches research collaboratively and seeks to work across disciplines.

Organizing information is an inherently political act. What one chooses to prioritize, reduce or exclude is not simply a way of making stories. It is a way of making a world. Being aware of these choices and the impact that such decision-making entails is a key facet of making documentary films. It endeavours to counter conventions of making documentary films and their concealed modes of persuasion. Marwa Arsanios’ films depict not only the paradoxes its documented subjects live, but also the contradictions of trying to capture such complexities on camera.

Presented works:


Curated by Teja Reba in collaboration with Marwa Arsanios.

Co-production: City of Women, Škuc Gallery, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th - Oct 31st