Photo: Matisse

Performing gender - Dance makes differences


Spain, Slovenia
Public Workshop Presentation

On the weekly workshop, the choreographer and the dramaturge will share their experiences and skills acquired through the two-year international project Performing Gender – Dance Makes Differences with ten young dancers, selected through an open call. The project investigates gender and dance, and provides skills useful in developing new forms of narrative for LGBTIQ identities in Europe.

Participants: Martina Delprete, Sara Gorinjac, Vesna Hauschild, Slobodan Malić, Urška Medved, Alicia Ocadiz, Silvia Pederzani, Giacomo Pini, Maša Radi, Danijela Zajc.

Free entrance.

European cooperation project: Performing gender - Dance makes differences.

Production and organization: City of Women.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th 17:00 - 19:00
Place of event: 
ŠD Tabor