“There is something beautiful in this” (Marković): On Autobiography, Body and Pain, Sexual Pleasure, Biopolitics, the eventuality of writing and other things



Simona Semenič’s dramatics is always created from a personal (autobiographical) declarative position, it moults through the body; it inscribes the position of the author who is a woman, a mother, an artist with no health insurance, a freelancer in culture, an epileptic and a smoker. This is especially true for her victim trilogy (I, Victim., the second time) that plays with the relationship between the body and the pathology of the political, between reality and fiction, between performative and dramatic. We will dive into the eventuality of her textual positions which often comes alive through the monodramatic self-staging of everyday-life bio-politics but also through an installation of texts in space that tries to enable her writing to exist in a different manner. We will follow the juiciness of her writing that bends the rules of Slovenian language and brings it to life. We will also tackle the unreserved erotic play with the taboos of inhibited sexuality and relationships between men and women, while it nonchalantly displays the production and the autonomy of “female” sexual pleasure.

Production and organization: City of Women