Maja Weiss: My way 50 – Between the Sought-For and the Found World


My way 50 – Between the Sought-For and the Found World is an autobiographical documentary by Maja Weiss showing the five decades of her life through films she signs as a director and screenwriter, making her first film in 1984 as a student of the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and buying her first ever camera in 1987 with the money she earned as a production assistant. My way 50 is an insider’s view on her own work that has always shone a light on what was not said, not seen, and not wanted. Her films deal with Chernobyl, the Nuba, Darfur, war for water, the victims of totalitarian regimes, the remnants of Yugoslavia, the working class, nationalism, xenophobia, and refugees – long before the refugee wave. At the same time, she has created a family environment, which works as a cooperative of a sort and persists despite the contemporary anti-cultural vibe.

Screenplay, directed and produced by: Maja Weiss
Editing: Svetlana Dramlić 
Cast: Maja Weiss, Tomo Križnar, Peter Braatz, August Braatz, Larissa Braatz, Ida Weiss, Martin Turk

Production: Zavod Maja Weiss. Co-production: Bela film & RTV Slovenija.
Financial support: Slovenian film center.