Cheers! 25 Years of Film and Video on National Television

Ana Čigon: Cheers to Women! A Performative Appetizer to Video Art / photo: Nada Žgank

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Celebrating the 25th edition of the City of Women Festival, we are proud to look at the 25 years of creative endeavours by female video artists in Slovenian space.

Apart from the exhibition in the Alkatraz Gallery, film marathon in Slovenian Cinematheque, and several other connected events, some films will be screened in the regular programme of the national broadcaster Televizija Slovenija.

Programme includes works from slovenian film and video artists with particular focus on their less-known works.

With this year’s focus on film and video artists, we are trying to research how society, culture and politics directly influence the lives of women and people in general. In their works, the female authors tackle the topics of social, welfare and political situation of women, issues of gender and reproductive rights, women’s bodies, pain and violence against women. They debate the position of female and male workers in capitalism and the position of female and male artists in precarious working conditions. They point out the problematics of media representation of discriminated social groups and the reduced or twisted media image of the world. They introduce the themes of discriminated social groups, such as refugees and migrants or ethnic and gender minorities. They tackle memory and the forsaken pasts, ecological and war themes, digital identity and the catastrophic effects of neoliberalism on the poor, endebted and disenfranchised individuals, regardless of their gender. They approach those topics with utmost seriousness, although the works feature several humorous and absurd moments.   

Included works are awakening and calling for debate, reflection and action.


Programme on National TV:

Sunday, September 29, 22:15 / TV-1
Maja Weiss: Boy, Bloodbrother Of Death 1

Wednesday, October 2, 14:45 / TV-2
Haidy Kanlcer: Forgotten: Lili Novy

Thursday, October 3, 14:55 / TV-2
Haidy Kanlcer: Silence

Saturday, October 5, 11:25 / TV-2
Maja Weiss: Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić

Sunday, October 6, 22:15 / TV-1
Maja Weiss: Boy, Bloodbrother Of Death 2

Monday, October 7, 16:00 / TV-2
Lara Simona Taufer: About Vito Taufer Without Periods and Commas

Wednesday, October 9, 22:45 / TV-2
Alma Lapajne: The Trojan Women

Thursday, October 10, 15:55 / TV-2
Jasna Hribernik: No White Bread, Please

Saturday, October 12, 11:25 / TV-2
Marta Frelih: Ita Rina; A Film Star Who Turned Down Hollywood

Saturday, October 12, 18:00 / TV-2
Urša Menart: What About Mojca?

Monday, October 14, 15:45 / TV-2
Marija Zidar: Identity Smugglers

Wednesday, October 16, 22:45 / TV-2
Erika Rossi: Every Soul of My Body


So-organization: Slovenian Cinematheque, RTV Slovenia, City of Women.