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Design: Vesna Bukovec

#CityOfWomen #HerStory

25th International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women

xx   1.-13. oktober 2019   xx   Ljubljana   xx   Maribor

This year, the City of Women Association was awarded the prestigious international Princess Margriet Award for Culture given by the European Cultural Foundation. As they stated, we offer “a hopeful vision of democracy by redefining our understanding of culture and its capacity to improve a common European social reality”. Also, for the second time, The City of Women festival was given the EFFE Label (2017–2020) awarded to the festivals fulfilling the highest quality standards. At the same time, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of this contemporary art festival with a feminist note.

Reaching this milestone, we find that the need to promote women in culture, emphasise the female perspective and defend women’s equality in every sphere is no smaller today. This year, the festival therefore promotes #herstory – women’s history. Vesna Leskošek, former Honorary President of the City of Women, claims that this term does not cover a special history valid only for women but a “missing part of general history that has so far mainly valued men’s events”. This means that women’s history can only be written with the realisation that historiography is a fight for interpretation. And if we wish to think the future, we must listen to #herstory: to stories of women of all genders.

Long live Cities of Women!


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