Animation, SI, 2016, 3′ 40″
// in Slovenian with English subtitles //

A simple animation of a spinning circle informs the user that a certain process is taking place in the background even though the result is not yet visible. Inside the rotating circle, the words starting with the letter O (in Slovenian language) are appearing and disappearing. These at first sight random words turn out to be related to the life choices and situations of refugees and asylum seekers who are waiting for their application for international protection to be processed. Will their endless circle of waiting ever stop?

Animation is part of the group exhibition Cheers to Women! 25 Years of Film and Video, screened at the marathon Cheers to Women! in Kinoteka.

Tickets: €2


Production: Vesna Bukovec, 2016

Date and time of event: 
Oct 03rd 20:00
Place of event: