Photo: Sylvia Steinhäuser



Andrea Neumanncomposition, inside piano, mixer

Sabine Ercklentzcomposition, trumpet, electronics

Mieko Suzukiturntables, electronics


The trio Contagious was founded in summer 2018, and creates a constant tension between club-oriented, danceable and experimental music. The turntablist Mieko Suzuki has been active in Berlin’s club scene since many years and hosts the collaborative, multidisciplinary music event KOOKOO at OHM Berlin among others. Ercklentz and Neumann are an innovative voice in the experimental music scene in Berlin.

Together, through mutual contagion, they seek to discover new aesthetic spaces. They plunder each other’s musical spheres, appropriate them and switch roles: in fragile sound textures pulses become audible. Groovy beats implode in noisy fragments, which grow to a trance like stream. Autonomous sound becomes danceable – beat becomes transparent.

Tickets:  €10 / 7
In frame of Musica Femina programme
#HerSound // four sound events: 15 


At 22.30, #HerStory, the City of Women party begins. With Radio Študent co-workers Nina Hlebec and RUŽA on the decks.


Organized by: City of Women; in co-operation with: Heroines of Sound (Berlin), Bunker – Old Power Station, Radio Študent; in the framework of European co-operation project Musica Femina International; supported by: Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana, Creative Europe Program.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th 21:00
Place of event: 
Old Power Station
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