Duma na meji [Home on the Border]

Film, SI, 2019, 15′
// in Slovenian with English subtitles // premiere //

The newest “one-woman band” documentary film by Maja Weiss, filmed in October 2019. In it, we follow Župančič’s path from Dragatuš to Vinica in Bela Krajina, and listen to the recital of Duma by Oton Župančič who splendidly captured his thoughts about home, foreignness and migration in this magnificent poem written in the beginning of the 20th century. As we walk through the “border” area of Bela Krajina where each year, thousands of migrants “from the south” manage to illegally cross the border river Kolpa, we talk with locals about what it means to be “duma” (“home” in their dialect; in Ukrainian, “duma” is a meditative and sad folk song).

Screening at the Cheers to Women! marathon in Kinoteka.

Tickets: €2


Production: Maja Weiss, 2019

Date and time of event: 
Oct 03rd 20:00
Place of event: