Foto still from Milla by Valérie Massadian


FR/PT, 2017, 128′
// English subtitles //

A story of two young lovers’ life on the fringes before shifting towards one of recent cinema’s finest depictions of motherhood. Milla and Leo live clandestinely, their meagre furnishings and sustenance countered by a love for which there is neither logic nor substitute. But such an existence will only last until the forces of nature take hold. Where is there to go in its wake? Milla considers every dimension of love, loyalty, and grief through a poetic, startling vision that recalls the likes of Barbara Loden and Chantal Akerman while remaining without precedent.

The director Valérie Massadian will be present at the screening.

Tickets: €4


Organization: Kinoteka; in co-operation with City of Women.

Date and time of event: 
Sep 21st 20:30
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