Citizens of Nowhere

Screening and residency sharing with the artist in conversation with Tea Hvala
// in English //

Alicja Rogalska is this year’s City of Women’s artist-in-residence, commissioned by the curatorial duo osborn&møller. Shortly after Slovenia declared independence in 1991, around twenty thousand people were left without citizenship. The Erased were deprived of their social existence. In her research, Alicja Rogalska asks how to represent an identity that was taken away.

Some possible answers and performative actions from the residency will be shared through an artist talk at Švicarija as well as a screening and conversation at Škuc Gallery as part of the exhibition Kinds of Pressure.


Local research assistant: Olga Michalik; Alicja Rogalska assistant: Evelina Hägglund; produced by: City of Women; co-produced by: MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Kunstencentrum Vooruit; supported by: Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana.

Citizens of Nowhere