The Three Marias film still.

The Disobedient Muses Programme 1

The Disobedient Muses Programme 1

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The programme selection will be introduced via prerecorded video by Nicole Fernández Ferrer and Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, the curators.

Carole Roussopoulos: Genet talks about Angela Davis

FR, 1970, 7′30′′, Slo. sub.

Following Angela Davis’ arrest in October 1970, Jean Genet reads for a television programme that will be completely censured, a text condemning the USA’s racist policy on the one hand, and supporting the Black Panthers party and Angela Davis on the other.

Delphine Seyrig: Inês 

FR, 1974, 19′23′′, Slo. sub.

Inês Etienne Romeu was kidnapped because she was an opponent to the Brazilian dictatorship. She was tortured and raped in jail, where she stayed for almost ten years, from 1971 to 1979. Delphine Seyrig directed this film in 1974 as a form of protest against the imprisonment and in support of Inês.

Delphine Seyrig: The Three Marias 

FR, 1974, 29′, Slo. sub.

Images of “La nuit des femmes”, a gathering in support of three Portuguese writers, Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta, and Maria Velho da Costa, who, after the publication of their collective volume New Portuguese Letters, in which they denounced the alienating and patriarchal Portuguese society, were charged with offending public morals and faced two to five years in prison. The banning of the book gave rise to international protests in support of “the Three Marias”.

The video will be introduced by Katja Zakrajšek, Aljaž Koprivnikar and Gabriela Droga.

Delphine Seyrig: In Memory Of

FR, 1987, 10′55′′, Slo. sub.

One year after the death of Simone de Beauvoir (14 April 1986) Delphine Seyrig pays her homage by visiting her grave, which she finds still covered with flowers and letters from all over the world. Excerpts of Simone de Beauvoir talking, images of marching in support of Simone de Beauvoir on 19 April 1986, and ribbons of support.

Co-organizers: City of Women, Kinoteka. Supported by: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Administration, French Institute in Slovenia. In the framework of the European project Women on Women co-funded by EU programme Creative Europe.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 03rd 20:00 - 23:00
Place of event: 
Slovenska kinoteka