Jasmina Cibic, The Gift – Act 1. Photo: Artist’s archive

Guided tour of Jasmina Cibic’s exhibition and Workshop for children

Guided tour of Jasmina Cibic’s exhibition and Workshop for children

Free entrance
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Guided tour of Jasmina Cibic’s exhibition

The guided tour of Jasmina Cibic’s exhibition The Foundation of Endeavour will present select chapters from the poetic research of political gifts in the history of European art and culture in periods of reconstruction after political upheavals. The artist is interested in studying the idea of connecting culture and ideology, as well as culture and politics in the sense of “soft power”. She develops her films, sculptures, performances, and spatial installations in collaboration with architects, scientists and experts in individual research areas.

The tour will be guided by Adela Železnik.


The Gift

Workshop for children (4+)

What gifts are there? What is the symbolism of gift-giving? Does gift-giving always happen in positive, pleasant circumstances? Jasmina Cibic’s artwork The Gift is especially interesting because it connects different visual media and artistic practices. As a true contemporary artist, Jasmina makes us doubt; she questions and provokes us. And what will we be doing in the workshop? Let’s stay true to the title and let this be a surprise!

The workshop will be run by Lucija Cvjetković.

The tour and the workshop are free of charge. The number of participants is limited so please apply at izobrazevanje@mg-lj.si.


Organisation:  Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljan; co-organisation: City of Women.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th 10:00 - 14:00
Place of event: