Photo: Nada Žgank

Picture Perfect

Free entrance (1k€)

Layer upon layer
A painting is painted,
Until it looks like nothing
But the image.
Beautiful as the most beautiful of them all.

– Rok Vevar


Arjan Pregl, Igor Remeta, Rok Vevar, Tomaž Grom,
in cooperation with Nada Žgank, Urška Jež and Alenka Herman.

Thanks: Petra Veber, Mirjam Drnovšček, Igor Berginc, Bernarda Grofelnik, Maja Peharc and Ivan Peternelj; production: City of Women and KD Integrali, in cooperation with Bunker – Old Power Station; support: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture.


Date and time of event: 
Oct 10th 20:00 - 21:00
Place of event: 
Old Power Station
Date and time of event: 
Sep 26th 20:00 - 20:40
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