Romy’s Salon film still

Romy’s Salon

Mischa Kamp
Romy’s Salon

NL/DE, 2019, 92′, 9+, Slo. sub.

Slovenian premiere
4,50 € 

An earnest story about Romy and her grandmother united through the latter’s dementia introduces a child’s view on old age and disease, while gently reminding us why intergenerational connections are priceless.

Mischa Kamps film Romy’s Salon is based on the book of the same name by Tamara Bos, who is known to Slovenian audiences as the screenplay writer and producer of movie hits Fidgety Bram, Mr. Frog, and Alfie, the Little Werewolf.

The screening is part of the Kinobalon programme. It will be followed by a video call with the director (in English).

The Slovenian pre-premiere of the film will take place on Friday, 2. 10., at 9.30 for closed groups of primary school children (9+).

“Alzheimer’s is a very common disease. (…) And because of the rise in the ageing population, the incidence of this disease will continue to grow in the years to come. It’s important that a film is made about Alzheimer’s disease, as the subject is still taboo. People are ashamed of this disease, afraid that they will be considered ‘crazy’. If we break the taboo and talk about it, people will come to accept it more as a disease and a lot of people will feel less lonely. It’s just a part of life.”

– Mischa Kamp


Directed by: Mischa Kamp; screenplay: Tamara Bos; photography: Melle van Essen; music: Alexander Reumers, Jacob Meijer; montage: Sander Vos; production: Hanneke Bosman, Sven Rudat, Eefje Smulders, Anette Unger, Marion Welmers; starring: Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noortje Herlaar, Guido Pollemans; distribution: FIVIA – Vojnik; organisation: Kinodvor; co-organisation: City of Women.

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Oct 03rd 17:00 - 19:40
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