Lea Culetto, Gloves. Photo: Artist's archive

We are Hard Pressed – Let’s Nail It!

Lea Culetto 
We are Hard Pressed – Let’s Nail It!

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At the three-hour workshop, we will reveal toxic substances and other toxicities that we encounter daily as individuals and as members of social groups in cosmetics, in the household, in school or in the schoolyard, but also in media, music, fashion, etc. Some of these toxicities can be expressed through formulas, others through feelings and social criticism – but they all have something in common: We can change them! We will discuss how we can change these toxicities in the long run and help ourselves instantly, here and now. We will produce protective gloves that can be a totem, a fashion accessory, a work of art or what they are: protective gloves against toxicity. In addition to critical observation and conversation, we will use the techniques of collage/assemblage, drawing, writing, sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting and gluing – because change does not come by itself, we have to make it! 

Date and time of event: 
Oct 12th 10:00 - 13:00
Place of event: 
Galerija Škuc