Teaching materials for the International Women’s Day

On 8 March, the City of Women annually prepares teaching materials for parents, youth workers and teachers who work with young people between the ages of fourteen and twenty. By structuring a 45-minute lesson entitled #8MarchEveryDay, we encourage them to address the social, political and economic causes for gender inequality, but also celebrate women’s achievements and learn about the long history of struggles for women’s rights. 

Despite their connection to the International Women’s Day, the teaching materials are appropriate for any occasion. In 2021, they take the form of a quiz, following the favourable response of teachers to the 2018, 2019 and 2020 quizzes. The teaching materials include the quiz questions as well as the correct answers with explanations and discussion cues for each question. 

The participants can take the quiz by forming groups and competing against each other. Their active participation is the objective of both the quiz and the discussion held after it.  

The 2021 quiz was prepared by Sara Fabjan, Tea Hvala, and Urška Jež. It encompasses eight questions on the general knowledge of young people and expands their awareness of important historic and contemporary heroines, the already acquired women’s rights, and the fields where gender inequality is still or ever more pressing. 

If you want to know more, if you are interested in translating the materials into your language or would like to disseminate them as part of your activities, contact: tea.hvala@cityofwomen.org

The 2021 quiz was produced by City of Women in the frame of the project Women on Women, co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The 2023 Quiz

#8MarchEveryDay Quiz Questions (pdf)
#8MarchEveryDay Quiz Answers (pdf)
8MarchEveryDay PowerPoint presentation (pdf)


The 2021 Quiz

#8MarchEveryDay Quiz Questions (pdf)
#8MarchEveryDay Quiz Answers (pdf)

The teaching materials in Slovenian and can be accessed here:

Sample Questions from the 2020 Quiz

In 2017, how many women, viewed globally and per day, were murdered by their partner or relative?
a) 0

b) 5

c) 137


Name three literary heroines by their first and last name: 





In comparison to the monthly average gross income received by men in Slovenia, what percentage is paid to the women? 

a) 86%

b) 93%

c) 99% 


Connect the women to the appropriate professions: 

a) Alma Karlin  1) lawyer

b) Lili Novy  2) actress 

c) Ljuba Prenner  3) sculptor

d) Ita Rina  4) poet 

e) Karla Bulovec Mrak  5) travelogue writer 


The 2020 quiz was prepared by Ana Čigon, Tea Hvala, Urška Jež, Amela Meštrovac, and Teja Reba.  

The 2020 quiz was produced by City of Women in the frame of the project Women on Women, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and City of Ljubljana.