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Oni and Pikacyu’s first works were self-released in the self-organised manner of the hyper-productive Japanese underground, which has its origins in the tape culture of the 1980s. The dripping of Afrirampo music in the west was significantly facilitated by their USA tour with Smegma veterans, the European tour with Sonic Youth as well as collaborations with Acid Mothers Temple, Boredoms, Keiji Haino and other heroes of the Japanese music underground. This year John Zorn released their album Kore Go Mayaku Da on the Tzadik label. In this, their latest release, the duet introduce cute communicativity in the domain of the misanthropic sound of current actors in the north-Japanese sonic underground. The duet announced this year’s tour with the words: ‘’We want to play and play again and meet cute guys. And devour them!’’ Luka Zagoričnik

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