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Amal Ramsis graduated form the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University in Cairo in 1993 and then worked as lawyer for three years. In 1992, she participated in founding the Women's Studies Centre - Maan (Skupaj / Together) - in Egypt, which specialized in empowering Egyptian women and studying their history, focusing on ways to empower working women. In 2002, she obtained a grant from the Spanish Foreign Ministry to study film directing at the “Septima Ars” cinema school in Madrid, completing her studies in 2005. Starting 2002, she began to write articles in a number of magazines and newspapers, including the Spanish Journal of the Council of Solidarity with Arab Causes. In 2008, she began working with the Spanish Embassy in Cairo to organise its Cairo Festival for Latin and Arab Women's Film: a component of the embassy’s cultural program to supports Arabic and Latin women films - Bayn Sinmaiyat (Between Women Filmmakers). At the same time, she became the head of the program’s women’s workshop series known as “correspondences between women.” Throughout her career, Ramses also directed a number of short films and documentaries, including “Silence,” “Plateau,” “Beirut Is on the Seaside,” And “Only Dreams,” “Life” and “Forbidden.”


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