Ana Kravanja

About artist / group: 

By employing a wide range of techniques for playing musical instruments, Ana Kravanja approaches music in a unique way. As an improviser on the violin, she has collaborated with numerous Slovene and foreign musicians and dancers. She built Composition for Ashes (Kompozicija za pepel), a sculptural installation with live sound material (2013), exhibited at the Kosovel home in Sežana. She designed the projects Glacies (music for fridge shelves), a structural improvisation for a quartet, and Titinus, a composition for an octet (2014). She participated in the multimedia project, Resurrection (Resurekcija), which was conceptualised and directed by Bratko Bibič (in Javorca and Ljubljana, 2016). In the duo, Najoua, she creates her own music on 14 calimbas, while in the trio, Širom, she plays a number of classical, traditional and homemade instruments. She is also one-tenth of Olfamoštvo.

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