Caroline Sury

About artist / group: 

Caroline Sury is a wild graphic artist/illustrator, comics creator and musician from Marseilles, where she lives with Pakito Bolino and their son Oscar. Together they run a silk-screen workshop/publishing house/film studio called Le Dernier Cri. They produce wildly beautiful silk-screened publications (books and posters, as well as the magazine Hôpital Brut) and hard-core animated films filled with artwork by various known and unknown art brut/visionary artists (Caroline also contributed the sculptured puppet animation in their films). Caroline studied fine arts in Bordeaux. In the early nineties, she made several silk-screened portfolios, including Dog Time, Scènes d'un Cirque and Bête Verte. Further, she worked on a number of ‘comics travel-notebooks’, such as Le stylo a strip-tease and Holidays in Blooby land. With the work Frida Gastro, an account of Caroline’s gastrointestinal infection in all its horrific detail, she began exploring the autobiographic genre. In the series Caroline et ses amis (two books published so far), she is telling her life story and portraying her friends; in the instalment Cupidon Vinaigre, for instance, she assembles silk-screened portraits of love partners from the international comics community. Recently she began a new girls-only series called Vagina Mushroom, where she edits comic strips and illustrations by female artists (two issues have already been published and she is looking for new contributions!). Caroline makes her living as an illustrator (for such publications as Libération, Le Monde, Beaux-Arts, and the New York Press). Her most recent published book (almost all are published by Le Dernier Cri) is Couscous Sardine, a collection of watercolour illustrations about life in Marseilles that originally appeared in the Marseilles newspaper L’Hedbo.