Dana Michel

About artist / group: 

Originally from Ottawa, Dana Michel switched from the study of marketing to dance at age 25 after attending several raves. A former competitive athlete (track and touch football), she obtained a Fine Arts degree in contemporary dance at Concordia University. In 2005 she made her début with her award-winning solo the greater the weight. The following year The Globe and Mail named her Best Emerging Choreographer, and for three years in a row she was in the Top 10 Choreographers listed in the Montreal weekly The Mirror. The atypical spaces used in events where she performed with the collective Wants&Needs from Montreal are well suited to her marginality and her questioning of gender codes and sexual duality. Her initial works dealt with androgyny, hypersexualization and machismo. With Yellow Towel, she explores new territories with a more interiorized and minimalist dance. Since January, this latest work has been performed in New York, Berlin, and Vienna, among other cities.

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