DJ Sedyst & DJ Branka

About artist / group: 

DJ Sedyst and DJ Branka are ‘Berlin-based travellers’. On her way from Bosnia to Sweden,

DJ Branka was picked up by a white Citroën, which eventually dropped her off in Cologne, Germany, where she became a light technician for superstars. Apart from that, she joined the organising team of Buschwindröschen, a local queer nightclub. After an encounter with some ‘crazy immigrants’ she moved last year to the German capital. In Berlin, she runs a series of music-events under the title ‘Starlights: Mama’s Lounge’.
After a longer journey to California, DJ Sedyst (Seda Gürses) settled in Berlin to continue her ‘never-ending studies’. DJ Ipek, who introduced her to the club and DJ scene, arranged her first gig at a club on New Year’s Eve. Since then, she has DJ-ed in different settings around Germany and abroad. She has played turntables at Kanak Attak, the International Women’s University (IFU), as well as at DasArts and Paradiso in Amsterdam. Recently, she joined Kanak Dada, a group that unites immigrant artists who mix different formats of music and visuals. Along with enjoying hours and hours of music and dancing, she hopes to finish her studies in computing in the near future.
DJs Sedyst and Branka have been working together for two years. Both have a soft spot for Ljubljana…