Dominique Goblet

About artist / group: 

Dominique Goblet was born in Brussels, where she studied graphic arts, specialising in illustration. Dominique shows her work in galleries and publishes her stories in magazines and books. In general, what she seeks to create is an art of multifaceted narrative. Her painting exhibitions are just another way of telling, from frame to frame as well as in the whole gallery space, a different kind of fragmented story. Her comics question the relationships, both deep and shallow, between human beings. Dominique’s comics work, sometimes bordering on illustration, draws its essence from painting, and conversely, her paintings recall the fragmented stories commonly found in comics. As an author, she has contributed to almost the entire Frigobox series published by Fréon (Brussels) as well as to several Lapin magazines, published by L’Association (Paris). Her silent comic was published in the gigantic Comix 2000 anthology (L’Association). Her work has also appeared in the L’Association au Mexique, a new kind of travel sketchbook. Her first complete book, Portraits crachés (Fréon) was published in 1997. Her second book, Souvenir d’une journée parfaite, a complex story combining autobiography and fiction, was published by Fréon in early 2002. Along with teaching drawing and exhibiting her work, she is preparing five new projects: a book of illustrations for children (with writer Corinne Bertrand), three comic books, and the first edition of ‘project Nikita’, named after her daughter (she and Nikita have been making weekly portraits of each other since 1998).