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Geffen Miron a.k.a. Geffen 3 is an Israeli singer who began her music career in a Japanese karaoke club during a journey around the world. After returning to her homeland, she founded a band, studied ( Romania/Australia/Germany) and ( Israel/Germany) drama, and per formed as a theatre and f ilm actress as well as a singer. Upon moving to Berlin, she founded a band and became a member of the Potsdam-based Babelsberg Studio. Despite her classical musical education, she is today oriented towards the musical water s of electro pop and drum’n’base, whilst her performances are becoming increasingly more sarcastic and comical as she ‘concerts’ the as yet unfunny side of life. Looking for ward to the completion of her solo album, last y ear Gef fen 3 recorded Kottbusser with musician Daniel Plashues; this »underground« hit explains the subway route from Alexander Platz to Kottbuser. Karla Železnik


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