Ghetto Booties

About artist / group: 

The duo Ghetto Booties favours low-budget electronic dance music and represents the sound part of the GNU Girl Power Lounge collective from Zagreb, based on the 'equal sharing of work, clothes, cables, perfumes, lipstick, and open-source politics'. Anja and Dina perform their parts via laptop computers, joined live by Irena and Lina, who represent the visual part of the collective with their layering of images. Ghetto Booties will perform with their full cast at the City of Women Festival; during their short musical history they have collaborated in the Otokultivator summer workshops organised by Zagreb's Association for Culture Development; performed in Mocvara; and last year took part in the Steirischer Herbst festival in Graz, as well as given other performances, including an appearance at Ponikve's 8th eco-cultural festival Nikad Cuo (Never Heard Of).

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