Hito Steyerl

About artist / group: 

Based in Berlin, Steyerl works as a filmmaker, producer, and writer in the area of the documentary film essay and postcolonial criticism. Her works are located at the interface of film and fine arts, and of theory and practice. After studying cinematography and documentary filmmaking at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tokyo, Steyerl worked as assistant director with Wim Wenders on his films Until the End of the World, and Faraway, So Close! She continued her film studies at the Munich film school HFF, graduating in 1992. Steyerl’s documentaries include: Deutschland und das Ich (1994), Land des Lächelns (1998), Babenhausen 1997 (1997), Normalität 1-X (2000), and Europas Traum (in progress). Her films have received international awards and have been screened at numerous festivals and art exhibitions. She is visiting professor for gender and cultural studies as well as feminist art practice at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

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