Irene Suchy

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Irene Suchy, MA and PhD, was born in Vienna. She earned her degrees in musicology and music pedagogy, violoncello and German literature in Vienna and in Tokyo, supported by a Japanese government scholarship. She works as a journalist, researcher, university lecturer, curator, dramaturge and author. She is engaged as a speaker and moderator for a wide range of discussions dealing with issues of peace movement, human rights, human trafficking, feminist culture and politics, European politics and culture. For Austria’s cultural radio Ö1 she produces more than 200 programs on music yearly, mostly live broadcasts, and also radio features on history, peace work and political topics. She lectures on musicology, radio and cultural management and publishes books and articles on Japanese music history and Austrian music history (Zykan, Gulda, youth music festivals, on National Socialist exiled music and on the Nazi concentration camp Strasshof an der Nordbahn). She writes on gesture in music and on humor as a strategy in postwar Austrian arts. She publishes poetry and writes opera libretti. She is interested in always connecting her scientific work with art projects. Irene Suchy was awarded numerous awards and was supported by national and international scholarships and funding.

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