Iva Zupančič

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Iva Zupančič (1931), Slovene theatre and film actress, started her professional career at the Ljubljana City Theatre. In 1959 she took acting courses in London and Paris and graduated at AGRFT in 1960. She took postgraduate studies in drama acting according to Stanislavski's system in Moscow at GITIS, the Russian University of Theatre Arts (1960/61). She was one of the principal protagonists in the famous Oder 57. In 1968 she received the Prešeren Foundation Award for her role of Ruth (H. Pinter, The Homecoming), in 1971 the Borštnik Diploma for Eliza Doolittle (G.B. Shaw, Pygmalion), in 1985 the Gold Laurel Wreath at Sarajevo MESS Festival for the role of Marquise de Merteuil (E. Müller, Quartet). She has been a member of SNG Drama Ljubljana ensemble for years. She has performed in over 140 roles. In 1997 she received the Borštnik Ring.

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