Jelena Milojević

Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia
About artist / group: 

A guitar player Jelena Milojević (1979) and much more: improviser, composer, researcher in new technologies, organizer, teacher, and versatile performing artist. The famous Belgrade club Akademija provided the basis for her exceptional social sensibility to further evolve. She found her way to the Gromka Club in Ljubljana quickly enough and formed a “house” band there - an intervention band, bringing attention to the refugees, defectors, asylum seekers, individuals without legal status... in short, the entire marginalized spectrum. She has performed with Zlati kastrioti, Sabahbluz, Trotoart at the beginning, and has continued her performing path with the City of Women festival (with Minka Đonlić, 2003; music for Topografija abecednega mesta, 2005). She approached theatre (the Prešeren Theatre Kranj; Glej) and created the Gallery of Music. Having travelled across Europe as a guest performer, she has also strengthened her talent as a mentor. She runs music workshops for children in two of Ljubljana’s local youth centres, thus finding her way back to the margins once again.