Jordan Reyne

New Zealand/United Kingdom
About artist / group: 

Jordan Reyne, the New Zealand-born musician, is generally known for her passionate music delivery and celtic vocal style she uses to tell stories in musical form. In 2003, Jordan was commissioned by the New Zealand Arts Council to research the lives of the first settlers to the west coast, who arrived in the late 1880's. She is a three time Tui Award (New Zealand ‘Grammy’) nominee; she has been Number 1 on Student Radio Charts (New Zealand); she received 3 New Zealand Arts Council Commissions; supported Laibach, Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Fields of the Nephilim, New Model Army…She also appeared at several well-known festivals such as Glastonbury and Whitby Goth Weekend (both UK), Wave Gothik Treffen, Frankfurt Music Messe (both Germany), NAMM (USA), etc.


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