Kamilya Jubra

Palestina / Francija
About artist / group: 

Born in 1963 in Aakka, to Palestinian parents from the village of Al-Rameh in the Jaleel, Kamilya Jubran is a singer-composer who is inspired by classical Arabic music, travelling through alternative worlds, and searching for new dimensions in artistic freedom. In 2002, Kamilya Jubran entered a new world of music with her project Mahattaat, in collaboration with Swiss and French artists. In Mahattaat Jubran explores an alchemy of Arabic lyrics, Arabic music, and electronic music. It is, indeed, another station in the progress of her career.
Mahattaat (Arabic for 'stations') is a musical-visual performance, conceptualised by Kamilya Jubran, together with electronic musician Werner Hasler and VJ Michael Spahr (both from Switzerland).

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