Katja Kobolt

About artist / group: 

Dr. Katja Kobolt is a feminist curator, producer and lecturer from Slovenia living in Munich. In parallel with her undergraduate studies at the University of Ljubljana and her doctoral dissertation on the memory on Yugoslav wars and feminist canon politics at LMU München University, she created politically engaged artistic projects (Schöngen, on EU migration policy, Gallery Kapelica Ljubljana; Junge slowenische Kunst, Munich 2004; Warmarkt inc. Ljubljana and Munich). She has collaborated with City of Women in different roles since 2001 and has been its artistic director in 2007 and 2008 (together with Dunja Kukovec), which has shaped her understanding of feminism and the arts as well as her affinities in collaborative practices of artistic research and production. Katja Kobolt is a co-founder of the post-Yugoslav curatorial collective Red Mined (2011-) and co-creator of its interactive Living Archive editions (2011-2015, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Vienna, Stockholm), 54. October Salon Belgrade 2013 and Symposium editions (2017-, On (Non) Motherhood, Munich). From 2016-2019, she co-designed the program of the Munich City art space Lothringer13 Florida and curated the exhibition and forum no stop non stop, the 50th anniversary of the BRD-SFRJ agreement on temporary workers abroad (Lothringer13 Halle, Munich 2018), as well as the artistic research project n * a * i * l *s_ hacks facts fictions (UDK Berlin, Caring For Conflict / Klirr Festival , District Berlin, 2019). Katja Kobolt is also active as an art educator and lecturer (Humboldt University and UDK Berlin; LMU Munich, Institute for art pedagogy), editor and writer (Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe, ed. Katrin Kivimaa, 2012; No One Belongs Here More Than You / The Living Archive: Curating Feminist Knowledge, ed. Red Mined, 2013; Performative Gestures Political Moves, ed. City of Women, Red Athena University Press, 2014; "How do you speak precarious histories from a precarious position?" transversal texts, 2018 and n * a * i * l * hacks facts fictions - Collaborative Publication on Nailwork, Art and Migration, 2019)