Katja Legin

About artist / group: 

KATJA LEGIN (1985) acquired formal dance education at SVŠGL Gimnazija, specialising in performing arts – contemporary dance; and later at Laban, London (2000- 2007). After graduation she joined the international dance company EnKnapGroup. In her two years with the company (2007-2009), she was a dancer in the performances of various Slovenian and international choreographers and directors. She did her master’s study at Ljubljana’s Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in theatre directing, where her main interests were improvisation and the question of ‘aliveness’ and qualities in the performer’s work. Her extended master thesis was published as the book Dvojnosti: Performer in njegovo delo (MGL publishing, 2015). She works as a performer, choreographer and dramaturge (regularly collaborating with the director Tomi Janežič). She is a co-curator of the Neforma series of music and dance improvisations. In 2012, she was the initiator of No!training Lab, a laboratory in which a group of performers/authors investigated various aspects of performing arts (performative qualities, dramaturgy/analysis, and staging), and in December 2015 completed a three-year period with the performance Variacije na Počasnost: TIME OUT which is further developing and touring locally and abroad.

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